Areas of Practice

Schurman & Winters Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with quality legal service at a reasonable cost. We are a general practice firm with an emphasis in the following areas:

Agriculture Law

Agriculture law deals mostly with transaction issues such as leasing, contracts, marketing and storing of crops and machinery, and issues confronting landowners and the farming and livestock industries.

Business and Corporation Formation and Law

Business and Corporatation Law helps a business adhere to the rules, regulations, and statutes the government holds them to. It also helps corporations obtain their articles of incorporation from the state and determine the best class of corporation to be recognized as, whether LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc. The Firm will also help a corporation set up their corporate book and instruct on how to keep the minutes up-to-date.

Criminal Law (including DUI)

Criminal Law helps the moment you are investigated for a crime. Whether assault, DUI, murder, or traffic violations, it is important to get legal help. An attorney in criminal law can help to assure your rights are not being trampled on. An attorney can start during your questions with police, do a bail argument after your arrest, negotiate with a prosecutor, go through the trial, and obtain the best possible outcome on your criminal matter.

Elder Law

Elder Law helps to assure individuals are getting the best possible care as they reach their later years. An attorney can help obtain a guardianship or conservatorship if it is needed. They can also explain Medical Assistance and help individuals meet the qualifications to be put on Medical Assistance and save any assets the individual may have when possible.

Estate Planning (including Will Drafting)

Estate Planning helps draft wills, trusts, as well as financial and medical powers of attorneys to assure that your property is dispersed as you wish upon your death or sickness. We help families plan for the inevitable. We also assure that their children, minor or adult, are cared for in the way they wish.

Family Law (including Divorce and Child Custody)

Family Law helps you through many difficult times for you and your family. Family Law involves divorces, child custody, child support, child protective services, and adoptions.

Landlord and Tenant Law

All matters concerning the landlord and tenant relationship. This law deals with the drafting of the rental agreement, evictions, security deposit disputes, and unlawful evictions.

Probate Law

Probate lawyers deal with the legal process during which the will is validated, the assets of the deceased are inventoried, and all debts, creditor claims and, taxes are paid. Probate law also helps with individuals wishing to contest the validity of a will.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law deals with a number of complex issues. It can help you get a clear title to your property, transfer your property, solve property line disputes, and many other areas related to an individual or business's real estate.

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